To install                                  you will need:

  1. a pencil
  2. a screwdriver

Included in packaging:
  1. hanging guide
  2. two screws

    A.  Use the hanging guide on each side of your light bar to mark  the correct placement
    for the screws. Use the pencil (#1 above) to make a mark on the wall.

    B.  Take the hanging guide down from the wall and use the screwdriver (#2 above) to
    screw the two screws into the wall (no stud is required).  If you want to start the screw
    hole with an electric screw driver it is fine but not necessary for most walls.

    C.  Hang Soflite on the two screws

    D.  Tighten the screws so they are snug, if necessary.

    Because Soflite is so lightweight, it can usually be hung from the drywall and doesn't
    require a stud or molly bolt.  
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Create a softly lit, spa environment in your bathroom......Simple......Easy......Elegant......SEE?

Installs in less than five minutes