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Lengths offered are:

2 light bulb strip 15"
3 light bulb strip 21"
4 light bulb strip 27"

5 light bulb strip 33"
6 light bulb strip 39"
8 light bulb strip 51"

10 light bulb strip 63"
12 light bulb strip 75"
patent pending


SofLite is created from a
lightweight, durable acrylic
resin. This is a heat
tolerant, impact resistant
type of material used for
decorative lighting.  Custom
decorative options are
available to coordinate with
the latest decorative trends.

Your Soflite will last for
years and years with no
structural or decorative
changes.  It only changes
when YOU decide to
remodel and select another
exciting new SofLite design.  
Switching it is as easy as
initial installation - less than
five minutes.
Create a softly lit, spa environment in your bathroom......Simple......Easy......Elegant......SEE?