Advantages of Soflite, include;

  • Easy installation, in less than five minutes
  • Immediate decorative transformation
  • Better, softer, more natural lighting
  • Easy removal for changing bulbs or replacing
  • Lower cost than a new fixture
  • Lightweight, yet durable
  • Little to no maintenance or cleaning required
  • Color and finish choices available soon
  • Provides a decorative up light effect
  • Provides a useful down light for tasks
  • Easily changeable with future options
  • Softens light, eliminates blinding bulbs
  • Directs heat away from you

patent pending
Create a softly lit, spa environment in your bathroom......Simple......Easy......Elegant......SEE?
Diamonds in Cream

Until the introduction of SofLite, the only upgrade of the ‘bathroom light
bar’ was to remove the light fixture and install another complete lighting
fixture.  This requires some knowledge of electrical connections and
installations.  An easier solution was needed so that everyone could
upgrade their light bar, easily and inexpensively.